1. Karate builds confidence.

Karate builds confidence in all aspect of the students life. From school, work, to social interactions. The practitioner of Martial Arts no longer has to worry , can I do this? Am I good enough? Can I make this happen?

He knows he can do anything he sets his mind to. He has proven it to himself over and over. From mastering forms, to perfecting a technique, to breaking boards. The Karate student knows that once his mind is made up, he will persevere until the task is complete.

The Karate student most often does not even have to fight in a. confrontation. His confidence and calm attitude shows the attacker he is not afraid and he needs to pick another victim.

Surely, it’s no coincidence that the main set of forms a beginning student of Tang Soo Do learns are the Pyong Ahn forms, which translates from Korean as ‘Peace and Confidence’.

2. Karate teaches discipline.

Karate teaches discipline. From the first day. Charyut! Stand at attention! The student learns to put his comfort aside to learn to become a better person. One who can learn hard things and persevere over and over again. Like a devoted warrior, never surrendering.

The student of martial arts will do better in school. They have learned by practical application that thru will power and perseverance he can succeed and overcome.

The same holds true at work. An employer knows that a karate student is disciplined and will be able to complete tasks above and beyond requirements.

In his personal life the practitioner of Tang Soo Do will have the discipline to delay short term pleasures in favor of long term satisfaction.

3. Respect

4. Perseverance

5. Balance

6. Control

7. Strength

8. Breathing

9. Leadership

10. It could save your life