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Gwinnett County, Georgia

Black Belt Program

Call, stop by, or click the button below to sign your child up for our Black Belt Program. This program is designed to give confidence, self control, and focus while training the mind and body in Martial Arts. This program is a path to Black Belt and beyond in the Korean Art of Tang Soo Do. Students will be challenged to get better everyday.

*Membership limited to 6 years old and up only.


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Are you ready to change your life and gain all the benefits of training in Tang Soo Do? Learn more about our Black Belt Program.


“Highly recommend this Karate school. Master Lu is great with all of his students and very professional and personable in his interactions with students and parents alike. I have 3 kids enrolled in his classes and each one has shown great improvement in focus, respect and self-discipline. Very satisfied with and thankful for his dedication to the school.” -Google Reviews

Joshua Matthews

“I am especially impressed with Mr Lu and his overall approach to teaching his skills. I am very confident that Dawson will learn not only the martial arts skills intended, but also some valuable character building as well. Could not be more pleased with our enrollment!” -Facebook Reviews

Juanita Orcutt

“The patience, knowledge, and gentle spirit he instructor has provided to my son has allowed him to open himself up to new possibilities with sports. My son has learned respect, discipline, and a positive attitude.” -Google Reviews

Brianna Collier

“Mr. Lu is a great instructor and I love the encouraging environment he creates while teaching discipline, respect, and perseverance through karate. We are enjoying training at Lu Karate!” -Facebook Reviews

Christy Nabors Walker

Lu Karate

Lu Karate is a traditional, old school, family martial arts academy located in Jefferson, GA. We come from a pedigree of world renown schools and Masters, and strive to keep those traditions. We have fun, yet serious classes for all ages from five years old and up. Students learn respect, courtesy, discipline, self defense and how to become leaders in our communities.